Most people dont think about security, Until it is too late

Not Just A Security System

AI Powered Dotbangl

dotBangl is an advanced Security System powered by Artificial Intelligence.A.I. is able to impartially look at the entire image and all camera's images simultaneously. Using statistical models of degrees of deviation from its learned pattern of what constitutes the human form it will detect an intruder with high reliability and a low false alert rate even in adverse conditions. Its learning is based on approximately a quarter million images of humans in various positions, angles, postures.

Why Dotbangl

  • Instant image of intruder along with location time and date.
  • Instant alert calls and alarms reach you before the intruder.
  • No more wirings and fittings .
  • All images will be saved in your Gmail. No one can erase those images.
  • Camera Damage Alarm.
  • Works 24*7, configurable timings.
  • No more buggy alarms.
  • Incomparably, the most accurate security system in the market.
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Our Main Goal -Make a secured place

We are making high secured places with help of artificial intelligence using Dotbangl

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