Presenting DotBangl.

An Advanced Home/Industry Security System powered by Artificial Intelligence, which is the first in India.
What makes Dotbangl special is that unlike typical security systems that rely on blind sensors and a Computer Program, dotBangl powered by Artificial Intelligence can detect clearly whether an image is that of a person or a dog.
Like the human eye, it can tell the difference between a person and a dog or any another moving object. dotbangl can capture images of human intrusion and immediately ring you an alert call, while at the same time it sends pictures of the attempted intrusion. Most importantly, with dotBangl, there won’t be an intrusion.

More about Dotbangl

Dotbangl is able to impartially look at the entire image and all camera's images simultaneously. It will detect an intruder with high reliability and no false alarms even in adverse conditions. Its learning is based on approximately a quarter of a million images of humans in various positions, angles, postures.

In other words, you don't have to spend all day staring at your security camera's live stream while you are at work or out for vacation. As soon as the intruder steps foot on your lawn, you will be notified with an alert call. You won’t have to painfully watch your valuables being stolen from the security footage after a heist has already occurred, as DotBangl helps you to prevent the heist.

You will also get the images of the intruder on a real-time basis that helps catch him red handed.

We are a company that belives in humanity over ideologies, collective growth over individual growth, but protection should come without compromising freedom. We marvel and belive in the power of the human mind to solve real world problems and hence we build our Artificial Intelligence systems that assist like a human, for humans.

What’s the point of Home Security Systems if the alarms are defunct due to buggy false detections or forces you to painfully watch the footage after an untoward incident has already taken place?


Our plans

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The images of the intruder are detected by dotbangl and the detected images are immediately sent to the customer, highlighting the Intruder.

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The images of the intruder are detected by dotbangl and an alert call as well as the detected images, are immediately sent to the customer, highlighting the Intruder.

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In case of an intrusion, the address and GPS location of the customer is sent to the Police Control Room, after detection by dotBangl and supervision by a dotbangl operator.

Why Dotbangl

  • Instant image of intruder along with location time and date.
  • Instant alert calls and alarms reach you before the intruder.
  • No more wirings and fittings .
  • All images will be saved in your Gmail. No one can erase those images.
  • Camera Damage Alarm.
  • Works 24*7, configurable timings.
  • No more buggy alarms.
  • Incomparably, the most accurate security system in the market.
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